West Wing Mountain Preserve in Peoria, AZ

If you like a challenging hike, go to the West Wing Mountain Preserve.  Located due north of Peoria, AZ, hikers will find a great place to take a moderate or strenuous hike in the mountains.  Be sure you are up for the task! Learn more here.

Advanced Trail

Hikers report that the most demanding part of this three-mile trail happens right at the beginning, within the first mile of the trail.  There are several steep inclines in this first part.  But, as a reward, the rest of the hike gives you spectacular views.  Trail hikers recommend wearing good hiking boots because so many areas are steep and difficult to cross. It will give you a vigorous workout. Learn more about Rio Vista Recreation Center and Community Park in Peoria, AZ.

Extreme Trail

This trail is about 3 ½ miles long because it builds on the advanced trail.  These extra pieces of the trail require real hiking expertise.  It takes you through some loose rocky areas that can be quite slippery. Be prepared for this hike because it is quite demanding and easy to lose your footing. But for active folks who are tired of the kind of everyday hikes you find in the area, this one will give you something to talk about for days.